5 Weld St.
Dixfield, Maine

Types of Products

Paint Deptartment

Dutch boy paint, paint brushes, trays, kits, and pails, Krylon, Rust-Oleum X-O rust spray paint, UGL interior & exterior stains (best warranty in the industry), mildew resistant paint for bathrooms, brushes, rollers, Wagner paint sprayers, caulking for every job, glues for all applications, joint compounds and tapes, floor levelers, ceramic tile cement , grouts and cleaners, step ladders and extension ladders and a lot more.

Automotive Department

Oils and lubricants, canned gas with no ethanol, lawn tractor, trailer, and boat trailer tires and wheels, trailer hitches and balls, gasket materials, hydraulic fluids and jacks, car washes and wax, anti-freeze (windshield washer and rv). blue def and other diesel additives, battery chargers, 12 volt converters, undercoating's, heater hoses, compressor and pressure washer supplies.

Farm & Garden

Potting soils, pro mix, Agway fertilizers for lawns and gardens, flower and vegetable seeds, onion sets & seed potatoes, hanging baskets filled with fresh flowers, vegetable and flower seedlings, garden tools, hoses, sprinklers, garden gloves, insect repellents, sprayers, gloves, landscape fabric, bush cutters & pruners, grass seed from 1 - 1.2 lb. to 50 lb. bags, fencing including rabbit fence, chicken fencing, garden fence, hardware cloth, welded fencing up to 5ft. high, fence posts and drivers, chicken waters and feeders, heated waters, salt blocks, hay, shavings, electric fence and fencers, poly and sisal baler twine.

Building Supplies

Galvanized and colored steel roofing (ordered weekly and cut to size), kiln dry dimension lumber, pressure treated dimension lumber and decking, finish and select pine lumber, sheetrock, cedar shingles, asphalt shingles, screen doors, entry doors, fiberglass and styrofoam insulation, cement and ready mix cement and mortar, grade stakes, silt fence, double wall culverts, plywood, advantec, cement board, wood molding and vinyl molding, 1/4 and 1/2 sheets of plywood, roof top guard, ice & water shield, 90lb roll roofing, grade stakes.

Grain & Pet Food

We carry both Agway and Blue Seal grain, we have layer pellets, layer mash, layer crumbles, scratch feed, fat & finish, pig & sow pellets, coarse crack corn, whole corn, grow & show pellets, turkey and chicken starter, in the pet food area we have Agway dog and cat food and also a line of dog food called Naturals with no wheat, no corn and no soy.

Pet Supply Department

Includes dog and cat collars and leashes, pet toys, dog and cat dishes and many treats, bird food and many bird feeders, suet cakes of many flavors, small and large packages of bird seed including our black oil sunflower seed always specially priced, cat litter, inside and large outside dog kennels.

Plumbing & Heating

Fittings for every need, copper, pex, sharkbite, galvanized, black iron, gas and copper tubing fittings, sewage pipe, drain field matting, cut lengths of pipe, deep well and shallow well water pumps, coils plastic water pipe, Delta and BK faucets, infrared, fan forced, and ceramic heaters, plus Toyotomi direct vent heaters (uses k-l fuel), Rinnai direct vent propane heating units, stove pipe, fire brick, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, weather stripping, fan forced kerosene heaters, insulated and cement block chimneys.

Outdoor and Power Equipment

Lawn mowers both push and self-propelled, gas trimmers, mower blades, spark plugs, trimmer line, canned gas (no ethanol) wheel barrows single wheel & double wheel from 4 cu ft. to 10 cu ft., wood handle and steel handles, some with flat free tires (never replace a tire again), we also have fertilizer spreaders, dog kennels, a propane fill station as well as a propane exchange program.

Fuels & Containers

We carry k-l fuel, propane both from a dispenser or tank exchange, fire wood , kindling wood & wood pellets, we also have wood racks, and wood rack brackets, gas, k-1, and diesel fuel cans in various sizes: 20 lb., 30 lb., and 100 lb. propane tanks , all nighter fire logs.


We carry a lot of bulk hardware for hinges, eyebolts, screw hooks, angle, irons, flat bars, threaded rod, etc. as well as door hardware, gate and door latches and entry and passage door sets, deck screws, nails, brads, roofing screws, nails and spikes, welding supplies, rod, wire, wire brushes, and grinding discs, hats and gloves, etc.

Hand & Power Tools

Circular saws, jig saws, reciprocating saws, drills, compressors, Stanley Bostitch nail guns, shop vacs, levels, planes, hammers, hand and electric staple guns, masonry tools, tile cutters, hand tools of all kinds.

Electrical Department

Light fixtures (regular and led), exterior weatherproof equipment, wiring, conduit, camper supplies, work lights, phone and tv wiring, generator boxes, plugs, and outlets, stove and dryer plugs and outlets, water heaters, and more...


Cleaners, mops & brooms, door mats, clotheslines, hangers, clocks, thermometers, gloves, canning supplies, trash bags, garbage cans, clothes dryers, medicine cabinets and a lot more...

Boat & Marine

Docking supplies, bilge pumps, fuel connectors, gas tanks, horns, safety equipment, paddles, deep cycle batteries, etc.


Amish sheds, garages, and atv storage units - see complete program.